We build applications that communicate


We are your .net design team - we do custom development.
We develop Microsoft .net solutions and applications.
We specialize in:

  • Web sites (Web Parts)
    • Custom development
    • Turn-key Content Managed solution with database
  • Workflow solutions using Jazz
  • Native Windows Form applications (WPF or Win Form)
  • Windows Store apps
  • Windows Phone apps

We have an extensive software library that allows us to build high quality custom solutions quickly.


Contact us at Charles AT WiebeWorks.com.

  • Jazz Apps are great!

    Try out Jazz Apps at the Windows Phone Store or Windows 8 Store.
  • Jazz Timesheets

    Give Jazz Timesheets a try. Track your time by project or department.
    View reports to check the amount of time that you are spending on an activity.
    At the end of the week or project, create an invoice - ready to be emailed to your client! more
  • Manage Projects with Jazz Tasks

    You are in control as the Project Manager! Create as many projects as you have. Add tasks and assign contacts to work the task. Add to dos to a task. Keep track of progress by marking when the project/task/to do is started and completed.

    Sync Jazz Tasks to OneDrive and share the folder with others - now you have a networked task manager. more